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Final Evaluation:

Over the course of this project, we have had a lot of alterations in our working conditions. With the university closed and having to work from home, I personally found it difficult to engage with this project as much as I would have if we had still been at NUA. Working on an iMac at home meant that I could not open the game file without crashing Unreal Engine, this forced me to work on each of my individual inputs to the game in separate files each time and then send them to the other developer to add into the game. 

Despite beginning the first few weeks well as we were having weekly group meetings that we had self-organised and merging our project work at the end of each day to keep both a physical and a Github up to date file at all times, after going into lockdown I think that the team’s work has deteriorated. Lucy, one of our concept artists, continued to send us her work throughout the entire project and always asked if we needed anything extra done which really helped to keep me motivated and give me projects to work on. The other concept artists, unfortunately, haven’t replied to our group since week three which meant that we were missing a lot of urban and character designs, some of which Lucy covered but it was difficult to have one person covering three sections of work.

Although we did receive some more assets from our 3D artists, the communication was very sparse and we only ended up with enough assets to block out the level and not update it past that. We had aimed to get a polished level with higher-grade assets in by week 6 or 7 and I understand that this is much harder to achieve when working from home, however, as there was no received communication it did mean that myself and the other developer, Sam, didn’t have the assets to work on when creating features for the level. I managed to get around this issue by using some free to use assets that I found online which, if this project was continued in any way, I could replace with new assets at another time.

Towards the end of development, in week 8, I was informed that my work, since week 2 or 3, had not been implemented into the main game and since I couldn’t access the main game myself I had to create a video that showcased all of the projects that I had worked on in the last 5 weeks to display interaction with the project. However, one way of looking at this was that I learnt some basic skills in Adobe Premiere Pro when creating the video.

Overall, I think that, based on the first 3 weeks of the project, had we been able to continue our work at the university, with the correct equipment and direct access to the other members of the group, we would have achieved our goal of creating a polished prototype by the end of week 8. Despite all of the issues that we faced during this time, I think that I have still been able to develop my knowledge of different areas in Unreal such as particle systems, material instances and lighting types.

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