Group Project: Final Evaluation

rebeccareeve/ May 25, 2020

Final Evaluation: Over the course of this project, we have had a lot of alterations in our working conditions. With the university closed and having to work from home, I personally found it difficult to engage with this project as much as I would have if we had still been at NUA. Working on an iMac at home meant that

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TriJam #68: The Three Hour Game Jam

rebeccareeve/ May 21, 2020

Premise: The site holds games jam throughout the year for developers to test their skills or simply to engage with the community. I and three friends on the games development course decided to enter into the 68th ‘TriJam’, a 3-hour game jam that is supposed to test developers skills into creating a game in a condensed period of time.

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Collaborative Unit: Weeks 7 & 8

rebeccareeve/ May 17, 2020

Group Project Weeks 7 & 8: In the final two weeks of the project, the only additional piece of work that we will be implementing into our game is small changes such as the randomly spawning trash items and any aesthetic level changes. By this point, any main features that haven’t been put into the game would have to be

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Collaborative Unit: Weeks 5 & 6

rebeccareeve/ May 3, 2020

Group Project Weeks 5 & 6: Now that we’re in the second half of our group project the focus has switched to more environmental changes rather than main functionality. Therefore, I mainly looked at the different lighting styles that I could add to our level, especially since we have day cycles and a change in lighting will be noticeable. It

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