Collaborative Unit: Week 4

rebeccareeve/ March 29, 2020

Group Project Week 4: Now that we are nearly halfway through the project the focus has shifted into a mix of functionality building and aesthetic changes that we can implement into the level. Due to current circumstances, we are now conducting the rest of our group project from our homes. For me personally this means that because of the equipment

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Collaborative Unit: Week 3

rebeccareeve/ March 22, 2020

Group Project Week 3: This week has been focused around the areas of the game that are needed to progress its functionality and how well it plays. By finishing up on research and implementing it into the level it will hopefully relate the gameplay back to our overall theme of climate change. This is also a good time to look

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Collaborative Unit: Week 2

rebeccareeve/ March 15, 2020

Group Project Week 2: In our second week, we wanted to work on expanding upon the functionality that we had started to input during our game jam style first week. I also found it easier to sort out my work into type rather than by day especially as I’ve been going back to projects and adapting them as I go

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Collaborative Unit: Week 1

rebeccareeve/ March 8, 2020

Group Project Week 1: In teams from across Games Art and Design and Games Development, you will claim responsibility for roles within the production pipeline and produce the concept art, assets, environments, code, and necessary game design to realise a playable game prototype. The project will begin with a one-week Game Jam to devise the premise and scope of the

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