NUA Game Jam 2019

rebeccareeve/ November 30, 2019

NUA Internal Games Jam 2019 From the 25th – 29th December we were tasked with creating a game that would focus on the central concept of ‘mirage’. This was also the first group project that a lot of us had done outside of our own course and we had to work in a group of around 6 people; 2 x

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Seminar Sheet 5: Inventory Systems

rebeccareeve/ November 10, 2019

Seminar Sheet 5: This seminar sheet is a culmination of the previous four weeks work, it combines different elements from each including inheritance, classes and general C++. Having looked at how items, actors and components function in Unreal Engine we will be using this information to work on an inventory system that will be storing/managing objects within a game world.

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