Seminar Sheet 4: Inheritance and Composition

rebeccareeve/ October 24, 2019

Seminar Sheet 4: This week we have been considering how inheritance works and how we can structure the hierarchy of objects to inherit certain functionality. For example, UE4 is a large multi-level inheritance hierarchy, consisting of UObjects, Actors, Components, Pawns and Characters etc. All of these objects inherit some functionality from their predecessors. In our first seminar sheet, we looked

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Seminar Sheet 3: Translations

rebeccareeve/ October 11, 2019

Seminar Sheet 3: Our week 3 lecture was about considering how objects can form a hierarchy and how they can have a global and a local rotation/scale. This seminar sheet is based around rotations, translations, transformation hierarchies and animation curves. It will also look into how to use vector and matrix multiplication to generate procedural animation as well as orient

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Seminar Sheet 2: Objects and Actions

rebeccareeve/ October 4, 2019

Seminar Sheet 2: The second lecture this year was looking at basic classes and functions. By exploring how passing values by reference and value into functions work as a concept, as well as how functions can alter the states of objects and variables outside of their scope, ‘we considered how we can build upon structs to create classes that contain

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