rebeccareeve/ February 14, 2019

Task: A short presentation outlining your game research for the forthcoming project, ‘Iteration 1’. In summary, a 2D game prototype intended for mobile or tablet. You may have a specific idea for a game or a general idea for the kind of game you want to create or even just some ideas about the theme and/or mechanics. Your presentation should contain a minimum of

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Matter Game Slice

rebeccareeve/ February 4, 2019

Task: Use Phaser Matter physics to create a mobile-phone-friendly ‘game slice’ or ‘interactive toy’ incorporating principles of 2D games physics covered in the last week. In particular, you should consider how user input is managed without a keyboard, aspect ratio and scale for mobile. You might consider: Shape collision, and Matter physics  Use of Tiled to edit shape collisions Extending the Phaser

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Professional Research

rebeccareeve/ February 3, 2019

Task: Identify 2 aspects of professional research that you can incorporate into your forthcoming research presentation. You might consider: Case studies – how things are done in industry in relation to a specific project Industry standard documentation, for example Game Design Document Industry project management processes and tools Game testing processes The data may be directly in support of a

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