Ready Phaser 3

rebeccareeve/ November 28, 2018

What is Phaser? Phaser is a free software 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop and mobile. It was developed by Photon Storm and the only requirement is a web browser that supports the <canvas> html tag. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc which means it’s a very universal piece of software. It includes the base elements of

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Unit 1, as a collective:

rebeccareeve/ November 16, 2018

Throughout the first unit of Games Development we, as a group and as individuals, have been looking at four main briefs. These are; 2D development JavaScript practice, ‘Analyse This’ which looked at the fundamental aspects of game design, ‘Interface Design Basics’ and ‘Prototyping’ which are both focused around a user’s interaction with a product. These areas all required research, which

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Testing, Testing 1,2,3: Prototyping Week 2

rebeccareeve/ November 12, 2018

Task: 1) Make yourself available for prototype testing. 2) Document your own test activity. 3) Write a reflective journal entry that reflects upon prototyping making and prototype testing activity in Week 7 – e.g. what did you learn, what would you take forward?  Testing: What, Why and How? Testing is a great way to gather feedback from people that could theoretically

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Dear Production Journal: Prototyping Week 1

rebeccareeve/ November 5, 2018

The Task:  Write a summary statement of what it is you intend to develop for the ‘Prototyping’ project taking care to also identify what it is you intend to test and how. Create a table in Word or on your blog that sets out what activity you expect to be doing for the coming week, at least but not limited

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